Naffles Elevation Pass - Everything You Need to Know: Part 2

3 min readMay 24, 2023

Elevation Pass Rarities and Holder Benefits

So now that we know what the Elevation Pass is, let’s discuss the finer details of what makes these beauties so special.

Tiers of Rarity

There are five tiers of passes, each with increasing benefits, and a decreasing supply for each tier as they get rarer. You know, the usual set-up. What isn’t usual though is the range of benefits on offer to you if you’re lucky enough to be holding any one of these!

First off we have the Ascension tier with 3,500 passes available. The Luminary tier has 2,000 passes, followed by the Empyrean tier with 1,000 passes. The Zenith tier is next on the list with 400 passes, and finally, the Granddaddy of them all, the Infinity tier with just a mere 69 passes available.

Benefits For Holders

Let’s get into what you’re here for — what benefits do these passes offer? For starters, each pass allows the holder to participate in the Naffles token pre-sale round, with higher tiers offering the opportunity to purchase more tokens per round.

Additionally, holders of all tiers will be automatically entered into our Reward Lottery Pools, which are exclusive raffles dedicated solely to holders of Naffles NFTs. These lotteries will run constantly, with the pool growing over time as Naffles collects token fees from games and open-entry ticket purchases.

Once again, with this benefit there’s an added advantage to being in possession of a higher tier pass. When you play our raffles, you’ll automatically accrue raffle ticket NFTs in your wallet. If you happen not to use them, you can convert them into open-entry tickets based on their value.

Here is where it gets really interesting though; the burn rate multiplier according to the tier of the pass you hold improves your exchange rate. In simple terms, you can get even more open-entries for your burned tickets, depending on the level of pass you hold!

We’re not stopping there though, there’s more! The higher tiers of the Elevation Pass will offer access to the Early Notification System along with a private Discord channel for NFT alpha. Finally, for holders of all tiers, there is the potentially lucrative opportunity to earn affiliate commissions from referrals.

Additional Notes

Again, this will be obvious if you’ve been in NFTs longer than a couple of months, but the rarity of Elevation Passes will be allocated at random. Sorry, no bribes! We have no influence over the reveal process and couldn’t accept even if we wanted to.

We’ll be revealing the tiers gradually according to the schedule below…just to add to the anticipation of it all!

  • Ascension tier reveals: 48hrs after sell-out
  • Luminary tier reveals: 48hrs after Ascension reveal
  • Empyrean tier reveals: 48hrs after Luminary reveal
  • Zenith / Infinity tier reveals: 48hrs after Empyrean reveal

So there we have it, hopefully that answers all your burning questions on why you NEED one of our Elevation Passes!

Now that you’re all fired up and ready to grab one, how exactly do you do just that? All shall be revealed in our next article Part 3: How To Get an Elevation Pass.


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