Naffles Elevation Pass - Everything You Need to Know: Part 3

2 min readMay 24, 2023

How To Get an Elevation Pass

We should be all clear on what the Elevation Pass is now? Great. You love the sound of all the benefits that are on offer, and the tiers increasing in rewards gets you pumped for the rarity reveal. Oh yes! But how and when is this all going down?! Let’s get into it…

Who Is Able To Mint and When?

In the interest of looking after our core community and partners first, the Elevation Pass mint will abide by a schedule of four mint windows:

  • The first window is reserved for our earliest and most ardent supporters: the OmniPass holders and stakers
  • Next up, the second window will grant the VIPs and Partners affiliated with Naffles their shot at minting
  • The third window is for those on the Allowlist
  • The fourth and final window is open to the public on a first-come-first-served basis.

OmniPass holders and stakers — please take note of this next part; you will be able to mint in any of the four windows, but your guaranteed allocation is only available in the initial window.

The minting timeframes for each window will play out as follows:

How Many Can You Mint?

The number of Elevation Passes that each wallet can mint during their respective mint windows is dependent on the wallet’s stake or status.

For example, if you are an Omni holder with a stake of 12 months, you can mint up to 5 Elevation Passes during the Omni-Reserved window.

If your stake is between 1–6 months, you can mint up to 3 passes. If you have an unstaked wallet, you can mint up to 2 passes.

VIPs and Partners have a maximum allocation of 2 Elevation Passes. Those on the Allowlist can mint up to 2 Elevation Passes also, and any wallet can mint up to 3 passes during the Public mint window. These limits are in place to ensure a fair distribution of Elevation Passes.

You would have noticed the extra allocation for those in the first mint window. Right there is your first reason why it pays to stake with Naffles! This is our way of showing our appreciation to all of the OmniPass stakers for their unwavering support!

That isn’t the only benefit to staking with us though — as we’ll explain in our final article, Part 4: Why You Should Stake Your OmniPass (and How To).


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