Great News for Early Crypto Degens: The Naffles Launch Countdown Extends to May 27

2 min readApr 15, 2024

With the GambleFi platform opening its doors on May 27, gambling and meme fans on Ethereum and Solana can now look forward to multichain betting and even more time to accumulate extra points for a future NAFF token airdrop

Naffles, the first-ever gamble-fi platform for P2P and PvP crypto gambling, has set a new date for the release of its technologically enabled GambleFi ecosystem hub to more fully realize its vision as a pioneering force building the future of gambling infrastructure.

The release is set to include NFT raffles or Naffles, NFT and token staking, referral battles and many competitive modes. The target date on the website counter is now set to 27th May, 2024 (GMT).

With the crypto gambling market growing at a rapid pace, Naffles is positioning itself in a way that will revolutionize the space. It has recently set the standard for fairness and trust in decentralized gaming operations by acquiring a full gambling license. Naffles is also preparing to play a key role in the cultural shift to crypto technology and GambleFi.

By providing the GambleFi infrastructure to developers of games without a Gambling License, Naffles is set to fuel exponential growth of the entire industry, enabling anyone to integrate PvP and P2P crypto wagering, raffles and lotteries.

Leading up to the official unveiling of the platform and the ecosystem $NAFF token, the gambling community will have the opportunity to earn additional extra points for a future token airdrop.

Once users discover the full utility of the token, they will never have eNAFF.

The new website countdown is available at

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