Naffles Becomes the First P2P Gaming Platform with a Gambling License

3 min readApr 4, 2024

In an industry-first move, the Gambling License puts Naffles miles ahead in its quest to gamify everyone’s life, setting a new standard for fairness, transparency, and trust in the world of decentralized gaming.

The announced gambling license makes Naffles the only peer-to-peer (P2P) game industry’s web3 raffle, lotteries and wagering project to combine a high level of trust with a level playing field of a decentralized system, creating limitless fun in a secure environment.

Naffles, the next-generation GambleFi platform, has received a gambling license by meeting the strict compliance and testing requirements ensuring fair play. The licensing comes in advance of rolling out its new decentralized tech-enabled smart contract platform. Stepping away from conventional casino models, Naffles gamers play fairly and transparently against other peers, not against the house, making the winning and losing truly personal.

The platform will offer gasless gambling with large-scale lotteries, raffles and make-your-own games for individual players. It will also provide open GambleFi infrastructure to the entire industry, onboarding third-party game developers, and enabling the developers without a gambling license to integrate wagering and gambling seamlessly.

As the ultimate and infinitely scalable gaming ecosystem, Naffles intends to support multiple Layer 1 chains shortly after launch, including Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin and Polygon.

Also accompanying the upcoming platform launch will be the release of an ecosystem token, which will power a broad range of activities and bring active players additional utility.

Jay Nguyen, the founder of Naffles, said:

“Securing our Gambling License is not just Naffles leveling up; it’s our blockchain promise for maximum transparency and fairness. With ironclad security, crystal clear blockchain rules, and a battleground where only your skill and lady luck reign supreme, players are able to focus on the true essence of gaming: supreme fun with skin in the game. This license aligns perfectly with the next chapter of our gaming universe — this is only the beginning.”

Securing the Anjouan Gambling License, issued by the Anjouan Gambling Institution, affirms the reputation and legitimacy of Naffles in the web3 space and beyond, and gives it a robust legal framework worldwide.

The authorization covers a wide range of gaming activities, including casino, betting, sports, bingo, and others. The license issuer enforces strict regulatory compliance for Naffles through regular audits, including on fair gaming, financial reporting, and data protection.

The online gaming industry is a rapidly growing market, with billions of dollars in revenue generated each year, and a double-digit expected annual growth rate until 2030.

As the trailblazer of the peer-to-peer Gamble-Fi Industry, Naffles brings a provably fair way of gamifying your life and enjoying financialized fun with friends.

Learn more about Naffles at and visit its Discord community to stay up-to-date with information.

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