Naffles in a Nutshell

2 min readAug 30, 2022


If you’ve ever owned a rare NFT that you’ve tried to sell above the floor price, you know that your precious token can sit on the marketplace for weeks or even months before it sells.

You need the liquidity now and, if you want it fast, your only option is to fight with undercutters for the floor price.

If you’re an aspiring high-level degen, you’d probably love to own a bluechip like a BAYC, Punk, Fidenza…

But if you’re in the majority, you’re priced out because that 6-figure entry point is more than you’ve got saved for your retirement.

Naffles solves both of these problems.

Armed with a Founder’s Key, you can fractionalize NFT sales using blockchain-verified raffles made transparent thanks to ChainlinkVRF.

The simple UI enables you to set the quantity and price of available tickets to meet a specific sell price in just a few clicks.

For sellers, a Founders Keys is a profit-generating asset.

For buyers, simply buy a Naffle ticket or two for your favorite JPEG and cross your fingers.

If the tickets don’t sell out, everyone is refunded and, because Naffles has seamless integration with our official partners over at zkSync, ticket transactions take seconds and cost pennies.

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Naffles is a marketplace for NFT Raffles 🎟️ Sellers: Easily sell your NFTs above the floor price. Buyers: Win life-changing NFTs for the price of a ☕️