Naffles Elevation Pass - Everything You Need to Know: Part 4

3 min readMay 24, 2023

Why You Should Stake Your OmniPass (and How To)

Before we go on to explain how stakers will be in pole position come mint day, let’s recap on some of the general benefits of staking:

  • The core benefit of holding an Omnipotent key is to be able to create raffles on the Naffles platform before anyone else
  • Benefits include platform discounts, open ticket earn rate modifiers, burn rate modifiers, and allocation multipliers
  • Potential future allocations will be reserved for Omnipotent key holders based on their staking period
  • First access to the best NFT alpha and top-tier listings on the platform, along with featured exposure for your raffle on the website are exclusive perks to those who stake more than 1 Omni

Why It Pays To Stake With Naffles

As mentioned, OmniPass stakers will get the highest allocation of possible Elevation Pass mints, plus they will be first in line to get theirs. But what about the token pre-sale? Indeed, Omni stakers are once again benefiting heavily from the conviction they’ve placed in us!

There will be 3 token pre-sale rounds, with OmniPass stakers getting priority in both the 1st and 2nd rounds, depending on their staking periods. That’s right, there’s levels to this!

An OmniPass holder who has staked for 12 months will get the green light for the first round; this is an extremely advantageous position to be in, considering the token pre-sale operates under a FCFS format.

Omni stakers who have opted for 1–6 months will be free to buy into the token pre-sale once the 2nd round goes live. So as you can see, and as we have hammered home since the beginning, we will always reward the ones who show the highest conviction in us — and we always will!

Lastly, the amount of tokens available to buy for each participant is dependent on their staking duration:

  • 12 month stakers: Up to $5000 per round
  • 6 month stakers: Up to $2500 per round
  • 1–3 month stakers: Up to $1000 per round
  • Unstaked: Up to $1000 per round

If that doesn’t convince you to max stake, we don’t know what will!

How To Stake

What’s more, staking your Omni couldn’t be easier! Simply visit, connect the wallet that has your Omni in it to the site, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Round-Up of What You Need To Know

We hope this has answered all of your questions, but let’s recap all of the important points one last time:

  • the Elevation Pass is a free mint that grants access to exclusive utilities and advantages within the Naffles ecosystem
  • Total supply will be 6,069 passes, each with increasing benefits as they get rarer
  • Perks to holders include the opportunity to participate in the Naffles token pre-sale rounds, access to exclusive reward lottery pools, and opportunities to earn affiliate commissions from referrals
  • Holders of higher tiers get more opportunities to purchase tokens per round, and receive more raffle tickets that can be converted into open-entry tickets based on their value
  • Staking an OmniPass = rewards a plenty

We welcome your comments and suggestions, so please reach out to us in the Discord if you have any feedback. Equally, we love to see our Nafflers spreading the good word of what we’re doing, so don’t forget to give us a shoutout on Twitter!

If you’re new and finding out about us for the first time, drop in and say hello! Our friendly community will welcome you into the fold with open arms.

We look forward to seeing you on 20th June for the big day!


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