Naffles Elevation Pass - Everything You Need to Know: Part 1

2 min readMay 24, 2023

The time is almost upon us! Something degen is coming……we’re now only mere weeks away from launching our 2nd NFT collection, the Elevation Pass, scheduled for 20th June!

We hope you’re as excited as we are, and to prepare for this momentous event, we’ve primed a set of 4 short articles to get you filled in on everything you need to know; from the exclusive benefits, how to get one, and important info on the Naffles token pre-sale.

So without further ado, let’s get you all set for the upcoming launch by taking a deep dive on:

  1. What is an Elevation Pass? (and why you should want one!)
  2. Details on rarity and holder benefits
  3. How to get hold of them
  4. The how’s and why’s on staking

Part 1: What is the Naffles Elevation Pass?

So, let’s start with the basics of what this Elevation Pass is all about!

The What and the Why

The Elevation Pass will be a FREE MINT that grants access to exclusive utilities and advantages within the Naffles ecosystem. Our objective from launching this pass is aimed at growing the Naffles community and encouraging more players to become true HODLers of Naffles NFTs.


There will be a total supply of 6,969 Elevation Passes, with the Naffles Treasury minting 2–5% of each tier.

Why Do You NEED An Elevation Pass?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the good stuff! Why would you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful Elevation Passes?

Well, first of all, have we mentioned that it’s a FREE MINT? We did? Yep that’s right, — you don’t have to spend a single cent to get your degen paws on one of these! And you know what they say — the best things in life are free!

But that’s just the start. Being a proud owner of an Elevation Pass comes with some serious perks. Holders will be able to enjoy exclusive utilities and advantages that are sure to make your participation in the Naffles ecosystem all the more exciting.

Read on in Part 2: Elevation Pass Rarities and Holder Benefits to learn more about what we have in store!


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